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Fire & Safety Investigation Consulting Services, LLC is a privately owned and operated investigation and consulting firm with offices in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. We provide a vast spectrum of fire and safety services to the insurance, legal and manufacturer industries. Our team members include certified fire fighters and police officers with over sixty years of service combined in investigative consulting.


Our Mission is to provide unmatched customer service, timely responses, accuracy, confidentiality and cost-effective services that are beneficial to the client and our organization.

Our Fire and Safety Team are trained in:

• Fire and Explosion Investigation
• Haz-Mat Investigations
• Building Codes and Construction
• Sprinkler and Alarm System Operations
• Interview and Interrogation Techniques
• Evidence Collections and Preservation
• Scene Photography Documentation
Here’s who we provide services for:
• Insurance Industries • Legal Services • Manufacturing and Industrial Industries
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• Fire Protection Engineering
• Fire Science
• Criminal Justice
• Criminology Investigations
• Masters of Science in Safety Management
• IAAI, CFI, NAFI and CFEI Certified • Court Qualified  


• Origin & Cause
• Witness Interviews
• Scene Reconstruction
• Scene Photographs
• Evidence Collection
• Evidence Preservation
• Identify Potential Subrogation
• Identify Incendiary Fires and Red-Flags
• Verbal Reports from Scene
• Expert Written Reports
• Product Liability/Defect
• Code Compliance
• Improper Designs, Installation or Usage
• Sprinkler or Alarm Failure
• Maintenance Neglect
• Risk Assessment and Code Compliance
• Identifying Proper Life Safety Codes during
• Construction and Remodeling
• Mitigate Damages Prior to Completion of Construction
• Work-place Safety and Procedures to be followed
• OSHA Compliance for Confined Space and Haz-Mat
• OSHA Compliance for Work Related Injuries and Death
• Site Security
• 911 Addressing and Mapping
• Site and Environmental Safety & Investigation
• Emergency Eyewash/Shower Trailers that Exceed
• OSHA Standards